Jon Taguchi

I am passionate about all things sustainable, and I just plain despise waste.  So naturally, I am deeply inspired by the Rebuilding Center in North Portland, and amazed that they daily divert 8 tons of used building materials from the Portland metro waste stream.  Sojourner Shelves are my contribution to upcycling one common discard that sparked my imagination.  Hollow-core bi-fold doors are flat, lightweight geometric slabs of unwanted, yet often beautiful wood veneer, with a minimal yet solid wood frame inside.  I gently reshape them, striving for zero cutting waste, into handsome, strong, modern storage solutions.  I give them a little love and they give much back in return.  Can you feel it…?

SojStory wide




The S1 Tower is light enough for bike delivery over the short distance to the store.  This lightness is an amazing bonus considering the solid, rigid quality of each Sojourner piece.